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Yoda - The Most Powerful Jedi

Yoda is one of the most famous and powerful Jedi masters in galactic history. He is known for his legendary wisdom, mastery in Power and his lightsaber skills. Yoda was a member of the Supreme Jedi Council during the sunset of the Galactic Republic and a supreme master of the Jedi Order before, during and after the devastating Clone Wars. Over the centuries in the service of the Galaxy and the Force, Yoda has helped train almost all the Jedi in the Order, including luminaries such as Obi-Wan Kenobi, Ki-Adi-Mundi, and Opo Ransisis, each of whom later stood by him as member of the Council.

66 cm tall, Yoda is a member of a mysterious race, about which he does not reveal details. Yoda served the Jedi Order for centuries, becoming a member of the Jedi Council and later the Supreme Master of the Jedi. He has exceptional skills in handling a lightsaber, most often using rotating and acrobatic forms of the Ataru style. Yoda is a master in all styles of wielding a lightsaber, except in the Seventh-shaped Wapad, and is considered by many to be a sword master.

Although probably the most skilled Master of the Force in the Order, as well as the best warrior, Yoda firmly believes in the importance of training the younger generations and never misses an opportunity to teach his students from their experience. At heart, the little Jedi Master is a teacher. He trained to some extent almost all the Jedi in the Order while he was a master.

After all, Yoda is not sinless. Partly because he failed to understand that Supreme Chancellor Palpatine was behind the Clone Wars and that he was in fact the Sith Lord Darth Sidious, the Republic was crushed and the Jedi Order destroyed. Yoda is one of the few Jedi who survived the Great Jedi Purge of Emperor Palpatine, after which the Jedi Master went into exile on the swampy planet Degoba.

Later, before he died and became one with the Force, in 4 BBY, he trained Luke Skywalker, who, based on what he learned from Yoda, later created the New Jedi Order after defeating the Sith. After his death, Yoda retained his essence in the Force and was revered as one of the most legendary Jedi masters of all time by the Order restored by Skywalker.


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