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Ahsoka Tano - Anakin's Padawan

Ahsoka was born in 36 BBY of Shili. From an early age she showed abilities with the Force. Ahsoka was discovered and taken to the Jedi Temple by Jedi Master Plo Koon, to whom she is strongly attached. After serious training at the Jedi Temple, Master Yoda sends Ahsoka to the planet Christophsis to become the Paduan of the Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker. Initially, the young Jedi does not want to hear about Paduan, but Ahsoka helps him save the planet from the droid invasion and saves his life by destroying the deflector shield protecting the droids from the cannoned army's cannons and knocking down a wall on several separatist machines. So Ahsoka won Anakin's trust and he accepted her as his student. Anakin calls Ahsoka mockingly "smart girl" in response to the nickname she gives him - "sky guy" (heavenly boy). When given the opportunity, they blew up part of the hangar of the Jedi Temple. Both several Jedi and defenseless workers were killed. Ahsoka, who is fleeing to the underground city of Coruscant, is blamed for the blasts. Her teacher, Anakin Skywalker, was sent to catch her. After some misfortune and persecution in the underworld, Skywalker manages to catch Tano and she is detained, but Anakin swears to prove the innocence of his Paduan. The investigation leads the Jedi to Dooku's excommunicated student, Asaj Ventres. After his battle with her, he finds out that the culprit for the explosions is indeed a Jedi, but not Ahsoka, but her closest friend - Boris Ofi. Eventually, Skywalker manages to exonerate his Paduan, but Ahsoka is so disappointed that the Jedi Council has admitted that it is her fault that she is reluctant to leave the Order. He then lives in obscurity.

At the beginning of his training at Skywalker, Ahsoka wore a green lightsaber, but later supplemented it with another, slightly shorter than the first. After leaving the Jedi Order, Ahsoka replaced his green swords with white ones, mostly to show that he had nothing to do with the Jedi. Another "weapon" of Ahsoka is the Force used by all Jedi and City.


Kunoichi - The Female Ninja
Tokugawa Ieyasu - Samurai and Shogun of Japan


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