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Kenjutsu / Jedi Club Bulgaria

Kenjutsu & First Jedi Club Bulgaria

The Ninja - One who is feared by all

Ninjutsu originated in China in the first centuries of the new era. Called by various names: Yin Sen Shu (a method of disappearing the body), Fa Shu (black arts) and others, it served espionage since ancient times, practiced by secret societies - closed organizations, similar in nature to sects.

After being transferred to Japan in the 7th-8th century, it first developed around Kyoto in the mountainous regions of Iga and Koga. It then spread throughout Japan, but these mountains remain the main center of Ninjutsu. Translated, Ninjutsu means "The Art of Being Invisible" or "The Art of Being Patient."

Ninjas were used to destabilize the enemy, political assassinations, and to deliver vital information about the position of enemy troops that could be decisive in any battle. Superpowers are often attributed to them, which caused fear in the ranks of even the brave samurai. For the ninja, the main weapon was surprise, and of course the fear that the very mention of the word "ninja" evokes. This made them one of the most hated and despised people in Japanese society. The ninjas were not afraid. They were subordinated only to their interests, their best friend was the darkness.

The ninjas were women and men. It often happened that a female ninja (kunoichi) seduced her victim and killed him. The training was hard, sometimes ending in death. Among the skills they possessed were: acrobatics, fencing, hand-to-hand combat, wrestling, climbing, swimming and enduring long underwater, enduring cold and heat, standing still for days, suppressing hunger and more.

The ninjas used a wide range of weapons and devices such as swords, shurikens and chains, most often hidden and arousing suspicion, for example in a stick or on the periphery of a straw hat. In addition, they were experts in the preparation of poisons, potions and bombs. They understood chemistry, physics, astronomy, mathematics and acupuncture. They were also trained in the "art of disguise," which they often used to avoid being seen in cities and to sneak unnoticed into nature. It is believed that the ninja was the first to construct a glider as a device for attacking samurai fortresses.

The Ninja

The Lightsaber
Yoda - The Most Powerful Jedi


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